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April 5, 2019

How Does Vipkid Work?

If you have become a legitimate fan of my blog. LOL. I’m kidding, but should you have taken your precious momma time and read my previous post on earning an income from home; then you know that one of the ways that I do so is through online ESL teaching. You can read more about my journey with Magic Ears here. If you’ve never heard of online ESL teaching, then you should start reading here.

Well, I’m also a firm believer in not placing all of your eggs in one basket! Ever! I have an insatiable appetite for success, and…here’s the kicker, not being bored to damn death. Now, you ask, how is it that you still find boredom in teaching, running a blog, and mom and wife duties?. Well, I can’t really explain but its a genuine thing with me. LOL.

Also, let’s just be really real. Life happens good or bad. You always need a plan B, C, heck even D sometimes!

So, with that being the case, I also work for Gogokid, Q kids, and most recently [again], Vipkid!

I’ll save Gogo and Q kids for another review post.

Today, I want to introduce you to Vipkid. I want to tell you that if you are a brick and mortar teacher, or mom that works outside of the home and you want to be home with your babies, or just out of the classroom; VipKid is legitimate. Vipkid jobs are the real deal.

There are mommas making $2,000 to $4,000 a month with Vipkid!

Let’s get into the how!

Disclosure statement: This post uses some affiliate links and referral links. They may pay us a commission if you buy something using one of our links, or if you become a VIPKID teacher after using my referral code link.


Going through this hiring process is a much smoother and faster process if you have a mentor to answer questions, walk you through the hiring process, and offer advice even after you’re a hired teacher.

I will admit that when I started out in this industry, YouTube was most definitely my go to. However, having a mentor will allow you to have someone to coach you through the process all the way into teaching with Vipkid. You will have someone who can provide you with personalized feedback to ensure your success as a Vipkid teacher.

So, your first step to becoming a Vipkid teacher is to click on my referral link; which will take you to complete your application.

There is no fee or money involved in any online ESL company’s hiring process. They are investing in you! You are paid for a service that you provide; which is teaching cute little loves in China how to speak English.

The Application

The first thing it will prompt you to do is create an account and fill in your basic information. This is where you fill in your teaching experience. Teaching experience can mean many things.

You do not have to have classroom teaching experience. If you’ve homeschooled, taught Sunday School, Were an on the job trainer in another field, etc. It all counts as teaching experience.

If you use my referral link to apply and you need help as you complete your application; I will be happy to walk you through filling it out. You will receive my contact information as soon as I verify that you are a referral of mine.

The Interview

When you have passed what’s called the “basic information” stage; You will receive an email saying that you have now progressed to the next stage in the hiring process which will be to conduct your interview and demo lesson.

There are many ways that you can do this. Let’s talk about it.

Option 1: Live interview/Demo

You can book a live video interview with one of the VIPKID coaches. You are given the lesson and teacher requirements prior to your interview. You should review the information provided, and show up at your scheduled interview time ready to show the coach what you got! You’ll answer a few questions about yourself and then teach a lesson to showcase your teaching skills.

Option 2: Recorded Interview/Demo

This option is very similar to the live interview/demo, except that you will record yourself teaching the provided lesson, and submit to Vipkid for review. You will do all of this through their platform. So, you are not required to try to figure how to record your interview/demo.

Option 3: Attend a FastPass Coaching day

These are events hosted by VIPKID in cities all over the US. They provide opportunities to learn more about the company. Typically, there are coaches there who will train you in person on the teaching techniques required by Vipkid. They will also help you to practice teaching the demo lesson.

The downside to this option is that’s it’s a three hour or more event. The upside is that it will automatically pass you to the next stage in the interview process!

Look here to see if there may be one in your area.

Option 4: Interview Express

With this option, you take a short online quiz and do a very short video introducing yourself and teaching a sample slide.

Most teachers that I know that chose this option were invited to do so shortly after completing their application. So make sure you look out for the email.

The downside to this option is that you may not have enough time to show all the skills you have or fit in the teaching requirements in such a short amount of time.

The upside is that if you can fit everything in, it will save you a good chunk of time from your day!

Level Certification

Now this is the part that may have changed since the last time you thought about applying to Vipkid.

The important thing to note is at this point in the process is, if you have made it to this point, you’re golden! This stage has become more of a training for teachers. You can take the level certification as many times as you need to until you pass!

Isn’t that awesome! However, if you have applied using my link and taken full advantage of my mentor sessions, you’ll need one chance! Yea, I’m that good! LOL.

Vipkid offers several levels of instruction. The first would be Pre-vipkid or Level 1 (Currently there is no option to certify for this level during the hiring process). The next would be Level 2. These are your true ESL beginners (that are older than 4). Then the levels just increase in difficulty from there, all the way to Level 7.

During this stage in the hiring process, you can either certify to teach levels 2 & 3 or 4 & 5.

To put it very simply; the lower levels are like teaching say Kindergarten to Second grade. These are kids who have had very little to no English exposure. You must think about your ability and willingness to work with very young students, if you certify for levels 2 & 3.

The higher levels 4 & 5, would more equate too 3rd to 5th grade. At this level most students are reading and can answer some simple questions. Some level 5 students are very advanced and can and are encouraged to participate in tons of conversational English.

It honestly does depend on the ability of the student and you could potentially have an older child in a lower level or vice versa.

So, this part is all up to you and your level preference.

You will be provided with two lessons per level that you could potentially teach to what Vipkid calls a “Mock Class Mentor.”

You schedule a time for your Mock lesson, log into the classroom portal, and have a 25-minute slot with your mentor to show them that you’ve got the skills to pay the bills!

The Mock Class Mentor will ask you a few questions, you will then teach the lesson that they’ve chosen out of the two you were given to prepare, for 10 minutes.

From there, your mentor will give you feedback.

You’ll get an email usually within 24 hours, that will let you know if you either need to do another Mock lesson or if you’ve already passed and are hired!

This is where having someone mentor you through the process is so very valuable. For those that I mentor, I provide tips on how to ace that mock lesson that aren’t posted elsewhere! (or apply with my referral code) to sign up as one of my mentees, totally free to you!

Sign On The Dotted Line

Once you’ve passed all the hiring phase, you’ll provide Vipkid with the paperwork needed to hire you on as a teacher.

You will also sign a 6-month contract! Please keep in mind that you are NOT an employee of Vipkid, but rather an Independent Contractor (so VIPKID will not pay taxes for you). You will receive a 1099 for your contracted work to used to prepare your taxes.

They will also ask for a copy of your I.D. and teaching certifications like TESOL or TEFL, as well as your degree.

You sign your contract and submit the other paperwork, and you my dear are now an official Vipkid teacher! Congrats!

Your Profile: You are your business

VIPKID will also ask for a short video where you introduce yourself to parents of potential students. You’ll also need to write a short, easily translated bio to accompany your profile.

How well your profile is put together has a lot to do with your potential to be booked, before you have statistics and feedback for parents to see. As your mentor, I’ll be sending tips and suggestions on how to make your profile pop, and book an insane amount of classes! #goals #moneyinthebank

Apply Here


Congratulations Are In Order

This is the fun part. This is where you actually start making money!

New teachers typically get a lot of trial students to start with (this actually works to your benefit!). As your mentor, I’ll be giving you advice on the best way to manage your teaching schedule, how to combat nerves for your first few classes, ideas for teaching particular lessons, and anything else you have questions about!

I don’t turn you loose once you’re hired; I’m still there for any other help you need or want.

How Long Does This Process Take

This is determined by the time that you are willing to give to complete each step. It typically takes you about a week to be hired (depending on how long it takes for you to prepare, which interview option you go for, when you schedule things, etc.).

If at this point you are totally convinced that you’re missing out, apply here now.

Once I have confirmed that you have signed up using my referral link, You’ll receive an email from me on your next steps. I give detailed advice through one-on-one coaching, tailored specifically to which step you are in. And this is totally FREE to you! It’s a no brainer people!

What has kept you from applying to Vipkid? Is the process intimidating to you? Let me help you!

Talk Later Shugs


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