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The Best Program on Affiliate Marketing for Newbies

If you are reading this post then I know you have heard of affiliate marketing and you’re interested in learning more. So, where do you begin? How can you learn more about affiliate marketing? Are there programs out there that can provide you with a free beginner guide to affiliate marketing, or step by step guide to affiliate marketing?

The answers to your last two questions are, Wealthy Affiliate! & Yes!

I was in your shoes just a few months ago. Most of you know that I currently earn most of my income through online teaching. However, I’m always keeping an eye out for other ways that I can generate an income from home. I’ve truly expanded my online presence since I’ve been a stay at home mom. I joined tons of groups based on teachers who teach online ESL, stay at home mom, mom planner groups, as well as groups full of people who are online entrepreneurs/professionals.

It was through one of these groups, and a good friend of mine, that I was introduced to affiliate marketing. You can read more about that here.

I am dedicating this post to helping you skip the sheer headache, frustration, and disappointment that I felt while trying to do it all on my own with no experience at all!

I am going to tell you everything that you need to know or have ever wanted to know about Wealthy Affiliate and how it’s a legit life changing affiliate marketing course.

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.”


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing course that takes you step by step through the process of creating a profitable online business.

Now, I’m not going to try to use fancy words and get all technical on you. I’m speaking from my experience from one mom to another. I want to show you that this is a legitimate and affordable way that you begin your own business and make money from home; without being salesy or scammy or even taking up much of your day. Trust me, do you think that with three kids and a husband, that I have time or money to waste?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online course, or better yet a practical guide to affiliate marketing. They have created a course of modules full very comprehensive videos and step by step written directions; that walk you through the following process:

Step 1: Choose an Interest. This can be anything at all, any interest, passion or even something you have no personal experience with.

Step 2: Build a Website. Your website is your foundation and Wealthy Affiliate has the most sophisticated and feature rich website and hosting platform called SiteRubix.

Step 3: Attract Visitors. You are going to be learning all about how to get traffic and visitors to your website. The first focus is FREE traffic and there is A LOT of it out there.

Step 4: Earn Revenue. Once you have people on your site and traffic, you can earn revenue. There are over 50 ways you can monetize traffic online!


Why Wealthy Affiliate?

My #1 reason for choosing Wealthy Affiliate is that they have taken all the time and energy that I was wasting on researching how to begin with affiliate marketing, and provided me with no-brainer step by step video tutorials. Who doesn’t love a YouTube tutorial? I have to say that I have had way less YouTube tutorial fails than Pinterest fails!

Take a Look here: Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1

My very close #2 reason for choosing Wealthy Affiliate is that it was FREE to join! Yes, FREE! I’m a mom, I like free!

You can take the training that is provided to non-premium members, and have your website up and running in less than 24hours. You can also take a look at the contents of the premium modules within the course. You essentially have all the time and resources that you need to make an informed decision on whether you’d like to continue on with the course.

Take a look at everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers for FREE!:

The Best of Wealthy Affiliate

Now, let’s talk about some tools that come along with Wealthy Affiliate that are essential to your success, and are provided at no additional cost!

  • SiteRubix: Siterubix is a web hosting platform created by Wealthy Affiliate. Siterubix is its own unique platform for building and hosting websites. There are both free and paid versions (you can access the paid version with a premium membership to WA) but you can create a free account at and launch up to 2 free WordPress sites.
  • Jaaxy: Jaaxy is a keyword research tool. Jaaxy allows you to basically search for the hot topics or questions that people are posing to Google, Bing, and Yahoo within your niche; so that you can then use these keywords to write your post in response to question or help solve a problem your audience has. This allows you to create posts that Google will recognize and your blog or website will rank quickly (actually show up when people type in the keywords you used)!


These two tools are the key to your success! There are definitely similar tools that you can use outside of Wealthy Affiliate that pretty much accomplish the same goal, but why would you want to?

One of the main aspects of Wealthy Affiliate that makes them stand out among other affiliate marketing programs; is that they have an all in one platform! It’s like going to Walmart for groceries, clothes, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.; instead of going to Target for clothes, Dollar Tree for cleaning supplies, and Aldi for groceries. Amazon!! It’s like Amazon! Everything you need in one place; and you can access it from the comfort of your own home; with or without PJ bottoms!


The Last Thing You Need to Know about Wealthy Affiliate

The most important thing that you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate is that YOU have to put in the work. Kyle and Carson (the co-founders), are not going to call, text, or DM, you on your progress!

Are Kyle and Carson accessible, absolutely! Did I mention that they have built a great community within their platform where you can ask questions and find support from not only them, but others who are going through the program just like you! There are hundreds of moms, dads, college students, etc. that are having tremendous success with this program and are now generating income in their sleep!

It all begins with you! How bad do you want it? Everyone’s experience with Wealthy Affiliate is not the same, because everyone doesn’t have the work ethic and follow through it requires. If you are not successful with the education and tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides for you, then is its because it didn’t put in the work!

Take a look at this very site! This is what I have created in just a little over a month. Boss Moms Life, is my official branded business.

I absolutely love what I do. Does it cost me some time with late nights working after the kids are asleep and early mornings before the kids wake up, Yes! Will it be worth it when I’m taking my family on our first Disney Cruise (already booked) next year, You bet your ass it will!

However, helping others is my passion. You know my story. You know prior to being a stay at home, I was miserable as an elementary school teacher, and I was looking for a way out.

Had I known about Wealthy Affiliate just two years ago; imagine how much more income my blog could be generating. I could be the Cookie Lyon of the blogging world! Okurrrrrrrr (in my Cardi B voice)!

In Conclusion

Do you like lingering “what if” feelings? Do you hate that “hindsight is 20/20?”

Take control and start building for the life you deserve!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about affiliate Marketing or Wealthy Affiliate. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have, or least point you in the right direction.

Talk Soon Shugs!







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