How To Be a Stay at Home Mom and Make Money

How to be a Stay at Home Mom and Make Money: I want this post to be a one that will give you tons of information, so that you can literally begin your journey to becoming Stay at Home Mom, a reality for you today! I also want to tell you a little more about what I’ve gone through to get here. I’m going to give you everything that I wish I had in the beginning of my journey to earning an income while being a Stay at Home Mom.

I’m here to tell you that there are legitimate work at home jobs for stay at home moms. I am living proof! It would not have been possible for me to be a Stay at Home, without being able to still generate a target income to meet the needs of my family.

I didn’t have startup money, and I didn’t have much time. I was burnt out at my current job and my family needed me. All, I had was the grit to find a way out and make it work!

You can do the same.

This is my story, but yours can be very similar if not the same.

Online ESL Teaching

I have already shared tons of information on Online ESL Teaching! So, my goal here will be to simply explain how you would begin to pursue an Online ESL Teaching Position. If you have not already please make sure that you read my previous posts  Online English Teaching: The Real Deal. There is tons of great information in that post if you are considering becoming an online teacher.

I was introduced to Online English Teaching by a college classmate. Initially, I wasn’t very keen on the idea. I couldn’t fathom that there could actually be an opportunity out there that would afford me the opportunity to be a stay home mom and make money. I had done so much research in the past and could only come up with MLM type businesses that wanted some kind of huge start up fee, and still required me to do tons of old school sales person stuff! I am definitely not that person! However, I needed a way out.

I eventually gave Online English Teaching a shot, and after 2 years, I can say that I still truly love every minute of it and it is providing me with more than my initial income goals.

If you’re thinking that this is definitely something that you would like to explore, I would highly suggest that you read my last two posts, especially Teach With Magic Ears: What You Should Know Before You Apply!

If you’re still not sure if this is a legitimate opportunity, let me tell you a little more!

There is no fee whatsoever to become an Online ESL teacher.  The only thing you have to invest is a little time.

When I began teaching the most prominent company out there was Vipkid. Although they are still very big in the world of Online ESL; there have been a couple of new companies that have come along and are now giants as well in this industry, like GoGokid and Magic Ears.  So, your first step is to research each company that piques your interest! The best way to do this is, you guessed it….Google! “Online English Teaching”, is all you need to type to get you on your way.

Each company varies in class type, teacher expectations, pay, and educational requirements. You have to find one that suits your needs and meets your goals. I have provided a very in depth look at everything you need to know before you apply to Magic Ears. Magic Ears is one of the best companies in this industry for so many reasons! It is especially a great company for beginners because you are provided with training and immediate class bookings!

You can also join one of the numerous groups on Facebook that host platforms all about Online ESL Teaching. You’ll be able to see company reviews from teachers that have taught with these companies, and company “teacher wanted” posts. This is also a great place to find someone who is willing to mentor you through the process.

I always offer to mentor those that I have recommended to the companies that I work for and represent! Most companies offer bonuses for referring teachers and helping them through the hiring process. This yet another way that you can profit from the Online ESL Industry.

Once you find a company and a mentor, you’re all set!

Affiliate Marketting

Now, I told you before that I was a bit skeptical about teaching English online. Well, can you imagine how I felt when a very good friend of mine, who is absolutely brilliant when it comes to business, told me that she had been very successful with Affiliate Marketing!! She had made $4,000 her first month!

I had heard the term before but didn’t really take much stock in it because of course you always here these scammy rumors about making $10,000 a month, etc. by just getting people to visit a site or buy a product. Immediately, your scam detector goes off and you’re like okay, on to the next thing that might work, right?! I mean if you could make that much money why isn’t everyone doing it?!

Well, here I am today here to tell you that Affiliate Marketing is indeed “a thing”! Isn’t that what we always want to know first…”Is this a thing?” Welp, it is! It’s a huge thing. Let me tell you how it works.

In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is simply interacting with friends, family, and sometimes strangers. Not in the salesly scammy way, but having genuine conversations with these people in a very organic way, and telling them about programs or products that you recommend because they have either made your life simple and easy, or have changed your life all together. There are companies out there like Amazon, that will pay you a commission for directing people to their site, if they make a purchase. There are also programs, like website hosting programs that will pay you a commission should you send someone to their site and they decided to use their service!

Now, before my fellow introverts leave the conversation, let me say this. There are numerous ways to go about having these interactions occur. This very blog that you are reading now, is my way of sharing my life with you as a Stay at Home “money making” Mom!

Are you going to initially make $10, 000 a month? Probably not. My first month as an Amazon Affiliate, I made a whopping $2.25! But, I had no training! I was simply going by what I had learned from researching affiliate marketing on Youtube. Now, you can learn a lot from some of the videos that bloggers and such like myself have put out there. Although, if you want to make much more than I did my first month and gain the knowledge you need to leverage websites and social media platforms, you’ll need to join an Affiliate Marketing program.

Back to my friend who had initially told me about her success with Affiliate Marketing. So, she tells me about this amazing program that she has joined for the small one time fee of $3,000 dollars. After I closed my mouth, I thought well maybe this could be worth it. If she made that much her first month, I  could easily do the same and make the money back in no time. Oh, let me not forget to tell you that I would have been making payments so I didn’t have to give up the $3,000 all at one time.

Well, long story short, I have my initial meeting with the founders of this program and learn that they have now upped the price to join to $5,000.

I was devastated to say the least! I was so hyped about this opportunity and I knew that I had the skills to make this work, but there was no way I could put that much of an investment in at this point.

So, I talked to a few of my friends about it. Some of them are very entrepreneurial minded as well so, we share our ups and our downs regarding our ventures all the time.  I decided for a while to just let it go and move on to some other ways of generating a passive income.

A few weeks went by and I just couldn’t shake it! I had seen too many people that I follow on Facebook and Instagram be super successful with Affiliate Marketing. They were making more like $500 to $4,000 per month, but hey that amount of money is nothing to sneeze at!


I knew there had to be another way that I could learn more about Affiliate Marketing without such a huge investment.

Then one day while having a conversation with yet another friend, she says, “I Remember when you told me how disappointed you were about the affiliate marketing program.” “Well, I’ve found a program that I think is amazing.” “Here’s the link.” Well, I didn’t click right away, and then she comes back and says. “I’ve been studying the modules for free for three days and my website is already up and running!” Enough said! I clicked the link and haven’t looked back!

Wealthy Affiliate is the affiliate marketing course that has changed my perspective on affiliate marketing and has given me the tools, training, and insight to be successful at this for life! It is by far better than any college course that I have ever taken and will probably lead to much more money than I’d ever see with just the use of my Masters Degree!

The kicker is that they literally walk you through every aspect of affiliate marketing from explaining how it works to creating your own platform/website/blog, and even finding your niche! There is no guesswork involved. They have step by step videos people, and a community of people just like you jumping to help and encourage you 24/7. Oh, and did I mention that the basic stuff to get you started is free!!

Now, they have built in some amazing tools that are necessary if you want to be top of your game with affiliate marketing. If you become what they call a premium member, you will unlock all of the tools and trainings they offer. It’s a steal!! Right now they are offering Premium Membership for only $19 for your first month. After your initial month your membership fee is $49 per month, or you can pay yearly and only pay $349.

The best part is that it’s so worth it!! Think about the fact that you could use all that you learn here to make money while you are sleeping! That’s definitely worth $49 a month to me and far cry from $5,000 dollars!

In Conclusion

Nothing will work without effort! If you want to be a stay at home mom and make money, these are legitimate opportunities that allow you to do just that! With both opportunities there is little to no investment. You simply must invest your time. You must do the work that I’ve mentioned above and you’ll be well on your way.

Please make sure that you leave any questions, comments, or suggestions below. You can also email me at

Talk Soon Shugs!

Kisha L. Russell




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