Fun Cheap Dates: Movie Night

So, my husband and I like fun cheap dates!

We have three kids and although they are super cute; they are also super expensive! You’d think that the amount of money you spend or invest in your kids, would somehow make then behave like little angels, right?

Nope! No! Quite the opposite, in the case of my kids at least! My 2 year old thinks she’s 20, and my 3 year old is a legit teenager with a bad attitude, and my 12 year old acts like he’s 6!

We can’t freakin win over here!! However, we love those cute little toddler terrors and the “one who shall not be named”, so we’re gonna keep ‘em, and see how this all plays out! (LOL)

Last Night

So, I been working feverishly on! I’m so excited that I’ve started a platform where I can share my story; my ups and downs in Hope’s of helping others!

I’m especially excited about letting the working mothers of the world know that you have options. You are no longer stuck with working outside of the house because your family depends on income from you! No more battling the guilt of leaving your babies at home or at daycare!

You can have it all!! Isn’t it wonderful!

In any event…I digress! Last night my husband and I decide to look through the new movies loaded on HBO Ondemand. Zero cost!

We decided to watch the movie “I Feel Pretty,” with Amy Schumer and Michelle Williams.

It was hilarious! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!!

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

If you have not seen the movie, you may want to stop reading here and go to the Home Page and check out some of my other awesome posts!

What’s The Deal

Ok, so basically this movie is about a chic named Renee Bennett, played by Amy Schumer. She has super low self esteem and oggles over girls like Avery LeClaire, played by Michelle Williams.

Avery LeClaire is what appears to be the CEO and Heiress to the LeClaire Cosmetics empire. Renee works for LeClaire Cosmetics but in the online division down in a basement!

She dreams of being a receptionist at LeClaire headquarters. After a major head injury, Renee begins to see herself as beautiful, her concept of beautiful mind you, not what she actually looks like! She thinks that she has transformed while everyone else sees her just as she always was.

Due to this new found confidence, Renee snags the receptionist position and a boyfriend.

She incredibly hits her head again and loses this perception she has of herself along with her confidence.

Now, she made some decisions while in this state that lead to the loss of her friends and boyfriend.

At the end of the movie she comes to her senses and gives a powerful speech about loving yourself flaws and all! She wins back her friends, her boyfriend and she wins the heart of everyone in the room!

Ok, So?

Now, there’s so much more to the story than that, but I wanted to leave some room for you to still be able to see the movie if your interest has been piqued!

Well, I’m not the kind of person who can just walk away from a movie, either I’m on Google, looking up the actors, if it was based on true story; or I’ve somehow connected with the movie and I just can’t shake how it made me feel.

In the case of “I Feel Pretty,” it really hit home!


How many of you can truly say you’ve never ever said you wish you could look like this, have hair like that. How many of you have never wished you had someone’s boobs or waistline?!

It happens!! Right!? In small doses this thinking is ok. It’s normal! We’re only human.

Well, I realized that that I might have been going a bit overboard with this type of thinking lately. Do you know what I attribute it to? You guessed it! I attribute it to being a stay at home mom!



Now everyone except actual stay at moms, can only imagine what it’s like. We’ve all seen the memes “what my mom thinks I do all day, what my friends think I do all day, and what I actually do!” You get it!

My husband tells me all the time that I have one of hardest jobs in the world! He usually says this after he’s put in about two hours of “dadding” after work (rolls eyes)!

Being a stay at home mom causes everyone around to immediately believe that you now where the following tattoos on your forehead: do girl, maid, secretary! You are also now always on duty with no days off in sight!

A Rut

Its no wonder you get in a rut of the same outfit day after day. My outfit of choice is typically yoga pants and whatever company shirt I’m teaching in for that day. Somedays there are no pants involved! Shhhh!!

It’s a legit struggle to survive your family! You don’t have time for things like makeup, hair, and pants! Okay, you might have time for that last one!

So while I’m in this rut of despair and all day bed hair, my businesses require me to live on Social Media. Now don’t get me wrong, Social Media is my jam. However, you can’t avoid the never ending posts of perfection!

It’s either a perfectly packed lunch box, a pinterest worth kitchen counter, or Beyonce! I mean because..Beyonce!! She’s everywhere!

So you start to feel like crap! You start to think that this is actually a life sentence! You’re being punished and you don’t know why!

The Solution

Most solutions to any problem typically involve some sort of mental refocus, Yes?!

Well this is no different. We have to shift our focus. The way that am able to this when I need to, is to think about how far I’ve come in a short amount of time.

I think about how truly miserable I was as a classroom teacher. I think about how much I missed spending time with my family because I was grading papers, or lesson planning. Then I immediately thank God for him allowing me to be home!

I then remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and the laundry won’t get done in one either and it’s okay!

I remember that I must take care of myself because honestly, what would my family do without me?! Who’s going to clean, cook, and keep everyone organized like I can?!

Shift your focus!

I’ve decided to some time for me, and give myself an hour a day! It can in the morning before my classes or in the evening when my husband gets home from work. Either way that’s my time to do as I please without interruption!

I could possibly decide to do my hair, makeup and put on pants during this hour!

Take time for yourself!

You all are going to stick with me on this one!

In Conclusion

I want this to be a very interactive platform! What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel pretty as a stay at home mom? What are some things you do to stay motivated and generate self love?

Leave your comments & questions below!



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4 thoughts on “Fun Cheap Dates: Movie Night”

  1. My wife read part of this post and said that the one hour of private was used to write this post. Otherwise it was a pipe dream. You have 3 kids and a husband. When is there free time?

    1. Kisha says:

      Hahaha! I really like your wife and I’ve never met her! Let me tell you a little secret! I wrote this post in between vacuuming,potty training, washing dishes, providing homeschool assignments to my 12 year old, and making lunches! Whoop whoop!

      I write a little bit and mom a little bit. As I mentioned in the article that hour is usually before I teach in the morning so the kids are still asleep, or its after my hubby gets home. He’s agreed to give me that time and watch the kids, if I want it! Sometimes I’m good!

      You definitely have to have a support system (husband, auntie, grandparents). However, it is possible!

  2. Thabo Khoza says:

    This post is so inspiring and I really would love my mom to see it because you show that you do not have to be depending on a job which requires you to be away from family.
    I am just worried that she works too much to make others rich and have told her about other ways to make money however she has not acted.

    I will book this post for her as I feel it is directed to her

    1. Kisha says:

      Awww this is so touching!, and this is why I created this blog space! I do want working moms to know that they have options! You can be a wonderful mom and have a legitimate way to make money, right from home! I do hope your mom reads this an is inspired as well! Thank you!

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